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I haven't opened my site for ages. Too many things happened throughout the years. I attained my degree, I secured a noble job 😅, I got married to my other half..I couldn't count my blessings. But stories won't be beautiful when the plot is too smooth, kan? I lost my mom not long after my status changed, I lost my dad exactly after a year my mom passed. Both events were devasting. Thanks Mi for always being there for me. Now, I don't cry often. Haha. I don't cry while ironing clothes anymore, I don't cry when I'm listening to Kak Fynn's anymore... I promised myself to be a tougher and stronger me. Strong enough to face the reality. 😊


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A mixed-feelings ending


it certainly very nearly to the end, time to wave my hands to the uni. hugging the lecturers (i just didi it this morning). i went to the morning tea organised by pamela and other lecturers. yes, it was warm, the atmosphere and every single thing inside the room.

so many things that we ( as a group) should've learned. guess what, their jokes were full with hidden meanings and useful advices.

scene 1- Rod Lane, Khalijah & I.
rod lane:where are the others? dont tell me they are going out, shopping~
Khalijah & I: ...(we got no answers, looking at each others face. guilty).
rod lane: what? u two are looking at each other and don't know what to answer.
xx was a joke. but yeah, sentap xx

scene 2:Pamela, lecturers and the 8 early comers.
Pamela:bla bla should have learnt one thing from here. BE ON TIME.
xx oh no, it wasn't a joke actually. it was her opening speech.

scene 3: Afiq, Pamela, other lecturers and some of us.
Afiq: bla bla bla (afiq w…