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I haven't opened my site for ages. Too many things happened throughout the years. I attained my degree, I secured a noble job 😅, I got married to my other half..I couldn't count my blessings. But stories won't be beautiful when the plot is too smooth, kan? I lost my mom not long after my status changed, I lost my dad exactly after a year my mom passed. Both events were devasting. Thanks Mi for always being there for me. Now, I don't cry often. Haha. I don't cry while ironing clothes anymore, I don't cry when I'm listening to Kak Fynn's anymore... I promised myself to be a tougher and stronger me. Strong enough to face the reality. 😊
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snow white


aku tidur lepas zohor td. penat kan 3 hari ni ada "kursus". sebab ada 4 hanger baju y masih belum berlipat, aku berkongsi tempat tidur dengan baju2 tu dan ambik ruang tdo sikit je. sekitar 3 pm aku tidur. seingat aku, posisi last sebelum aku terlelap adalah mengeringkuk dan memusing ke kanan

....... tidurku takde mimpi ye. sungguh senyap...........(aku memang jarang mimpi sewaktu tidur)

aku terbangun. aku perasan aku bgn dalam keadaan senyum. aku bukak mata dan tak gerakkn lg badan. memang serupa posisi jenazah. aku masih jugak lg tak gerakkn badan. sambung senyum lagi. hehe.

sebak. masa tu, aku tefikir kalaulah semudah dan sedamai tadi pengakhiran aku nanti, aku dapat membayangkan betapa aku telah diberi pengakiran yang baik, seperti yang selalu kita minta di dalam doa2 kita. terharu pulak aku.

1) adakah mampu mati sedamai itu dengan amalan yang aku ada smp ke hari ni..?hebat~thing to ponder ye tuan2 & puan2.

p/s: tajuk yang aku tulis memang tak …

A mixed-feelings ending


it certainly very nearly to the end, time to wave my hands to the uni. hugging the lecturers (i just didi it this morning). i went to the morning tea organised by pamela and other lecturers. yes, it was warm, the atmosphere and every single thing inside the room.

so many things that we ( as a group) should've learned. guess what, their jokes were full with hidden meanings and useful advices.

scene 1- Rod Lane, Khalijah & I.
rod lane:where are the others? dont tell me they are going out, shopping~
Khalijah & I: ...(we got no answers, looking at each others face. guilty).
rod lane: what? u two are looking at each other and don't know what to answer.
xx was a joke. but yeah, sentap xx

scene 2:Pamela, lecturers and the 8 early comers.
Pamela:bla bla should have learnt one thing from here. BE ON TIME.
xx oh no, it wasn't a joke actually. it was her opening speech.

scene 3: Afiq, Pamela, other lecturers and some of us.
Afiq: bla bla bla (afiq w…

nearly to THE END


After all, this is the 3rd post and 1 after almost two months passed. and now, it is absolutely reaching the end..of the final semester as a MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY student.

the clock is ticking super fast as I have to run and gasping very badly. Oh~the two-years time is just 1 centimeter long isn't it. it is hard to say goodbye to things that have become parts of our short but precious and meaningful life. To the environment, to the UNI, to the Units, to the lectures (William, John, Wayne, Frank, Rod, Ross, Paul, Sue, Susan, Jenny, Pamela, Greg, Jean, Grant, Amanda...too many names to be written. and the most importantly were the efforts).

Today, was completely my last day at uni (Uni only yeah), sitting for the last exam paper. the feeling? not great. heahaha~happy bot not that happy..

GTG yeah. assalamualaikum

ponder monder

Hehe..I am SO CALLED doing the assignment and long, long way to go. Biasalah, when students sit in front of the laptop with a free internet access, internet will always and ever win. And now, what's the topic for today?

So....What is the hardest thing to face (while you are alive)? I rather answer: MYSELF. In every second, for everything we do, we have to fight with ourselves. Fighting with the nafs (yourself) will show your determination to achieve something. Finishing your assignment by its due date needs efforts, saying no to gossips needs efforts, stopping yourself from making bad assumptions needs efforts, and leaving your non-halal relationship needs efforts too. What kind of efforts?Efforts to fight with the nafs (yourself). It always hard especially when things has become your habit.

People are different. Some could fight easily, some might not be able to win--ever. Besides, there are moments where fighting is not a matter and for certain things, the wars will take…
I am re-opening and re-writing on the blog after ages. Blog completes your life somehow and indeed makes your life disaster (busy updating on something really unnecessary).

Currently working on the assignment which makes me feel like doing my higher degree. It costs you more than a week to think about your research topic. Just the research topic. Belum lagi nk cari article, check whether your hunting make sense or not.Kan~

p/s:a non-malay looked girl is sitting next to me. dia hasut2 tgok Aaron aziz.tak kacak pon..